2 more NHCP board members resign over Marcos burial


2 more NHCP board members resign over Marcos burial

MANILA, Philippines –  Two other National Historical Commission of the Philippines board members have resigned over the hero’s burial for President Ferdinand Marcos.

Former NHCP chair Maria Serena Diokno on Thursday said that aside from her, two other board members, Francis Gealogo and Filomeno Aguilar Jr., resigned after the unannounced burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani on November 18.

Diokno said Gealogo tendered his resignation before she did but only made it public after she announced her own resignation from the nine-member board. As for Aguilar’s, Diokno said she only learned of Gealogo’s resignation from her staff.

“I just learned by text because, you see, in the case of Francis he had already told me privately and in the board discussion that a day after Marcos is buried, he would resign,” Diokno said of Aguilar and Gealogo’s resignations in an interview on CNN’s The Source.

Diokno explained that, by law, there are five regular board members who are published historians. They must be appointed by the president.

Asked if she influenced the remaining board members, Diokno said she did not talk to the others regarding their resignation. She said members individually spoke with her and asked her to stay.

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“These actions, these decisions, these are individually arrived at because we want each one to go through each one’s discernment and respect that this was fine,” Diokno said.

The former chair said she does not know if the remaining NHCP board members also plan to resign.

Meanwhile, Gealogo, the first to resign among the NHCP board members, on Wednesday posted his resignation letter on his Facebook account.

The letter was addressed to President Rodrigo Duterte and dated November 19, a day after the burial.

“I believe that the commission’s stand opposing the burial of Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. at the Libingan ng mga Bayani is based on solid historical research and is made as part of the mandate of the commission to clarify issues pertinent to historical questions that confront our society,” Gealogo wrote.

“I stand by the historical truth of the fact that the martyrs and victims of martial law should be the ones that we ought to recognize as the true heroes of our nation, and not the dictator who caused untold miseries and suffering to our people,” he added.

Among the functions of the NHCP as the primary government agency tasked with promoting Philippine history is to resolve historical controversies or issues.

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