VIRAL : Furious Netizen lambasts Loida Lewis Who Said Duterte Should Resign And Let Leni Take Over

A furious Krizette Lauret Chua slammed Fil-Am community leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis following her recent calls for President Duterte’s resignation and let Leni Robredo do the job.

Chua questioned Nicolas-Lewis if Leni has what it takes to be the President when Filipino people doubted her accomplishment to this country as Vice President and a former Housing Secretary.


Read her full statement below:

I’m so fucking mad at the arrogance and temerity of Loida Nicolas Lewis.

Why, who died and made you arbiter of democracy, Loida? Who died and made you the kingmaker of Philippine politics?

Really, Duterte should resign and let Leni take over because she can do “it” for the Filipinos without killing? Really? Says who? Leni can lead the Philippines? I’m all for giving Leni chances, but you think she has what it takes to be President NOW? Now, when she has to list all her achievements because the Filipino people wouldnt believe she has done anything otherwise?

You think we are divided now–wait till Leni takes over. Sabagay relatively maliit lang naman ang inin-invest mo dito sa Pilipinas kaya pake mo ba. Kaya mo naman sigurong mawala ang Naga meat processing plant mo, so kiber ba kung magkagulo ang Pilipinas.

I am biting my tongue so hard because I have never said anything bad about Leni, but if she ever tries to usurp power from Duterte at your insistence… Well, tignannatin… Syempre if it doesnt work out, you can always go back to your posh two-unit apartment overlooking Central Park habang kami ditomagsu-suffer dahilsaepal moves mo.


You, a billionaire, are so detached from the everyday life of the hardworking, mamatay matay na sa pagod, kulang sa pahinga at tulog, nakatira sa isang kuwarto na measured kada tao OFW who has put his or her faith in Duterte. Hindi mo ever maiintindihan kasi never ka naging OFW na niloko, nagbenta ng kalabaw, gumastos ng 500k para makaalis, niloko ng recruiter, mag TNT, magtiis sa kwartong 10 meters, mag ingat sa kapwa mo Pilipino, mag ingat sa amo.

And you think you can speak for OVERSEAS FILIPINOS just by virtue of being an overseas Filipino worker… i mean oligarch? The nerd.

Your brilliance in business does not mean you have the God-given right to decide for the Philippines who we want for our President.

Does it suck to have campaigned so hard for Mar–even living in the Philippines for long stretches during the campaign period–and to see him and Hillary lose? Bye to ROI?

Pasensya ka. At this stage in your life, you’ve met the first challenge and venture you cannot win. Your money can buy you anything, even the loyalty of soldiers who will launch coup d’ etats for you, but it cannot buy the Filipinos’ loyalty to their country. We will not bend to your will.

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