Shocking: Alleged Sex Scandal Video of Sen. Laila De Lima and Chief L.B. Postigo?

Dipolog City – Former SB Member of Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte warned to release the full s3x video of Sen. Laila De Lima and current Chief of Police of Leon B. Postigo, Zamboanga del Norte, PCI Joenel S. Pederio.

According to former SB Member Yuyen Magallanes, the Drug War of Zamboanga del Norte has resulted to the death of his supporters, Michael Astelore and Kabog De Gracia two weeks ago. “I warned PCI Joenel Pederio that if he will not admit his involvement to the death of my men, I will release the full S3x Video of him and Sen.

De Lima to the public. He was responsible on the death of my two men and he also ordered PO3 Rosete to liquidate certain Willy Delfino whom they used to kill my men. Willy Delfino has been shot to death at Dapitan City when collecting his payment from Brgy. Captain Paglinawan.” Magallanaes told DSB Sindangan last friday night.

 It was found out that Michael Astelore and Kabog De Gracia were involved in Illegal Drug Syndicate in Zamboanga del Norte, competing the alleged Drug Syndicate of PCI Pederio. It was also revealed to us that Magallanes hired Bobong Duque to assassinate PCI Pederio but later on discovered that Bobong Duque is PCI Pederio’s close friend.

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